THAC, LLC is an Entertainment production Company based in Atlanta, Georgia. It was unofficially founded in July 2009 by Troy Wagner, Joseph DeLage, and Tim Sutton, within a month after the premiere of its first major production, Marble Hornets. In January 2014, THAC was registered as a limited liability company in the state of Alabama.

In January 2015, Noah Scammon was introduced to the THAC crew. Joseph and Tim left the group in October of the same year.


THAC was established in July 2009 after Troy Wagner and Joseph DeLage saw the overnight success of their found-footage horror series Marble Hornets, though for the first four years of its existence, it was Known by the YouTube account's original name, troyhasacamera (from which the acronym THAC is formed).

Sadly, the earliest known content has been deleted from the account. The remaining earliest THAC content includes Very Bad Fanfiction, Mon Chat Regarde, and a dramatization of the writing of The Canterbury Tales.

In January 2015, Noah Scammon became a part of THAC, bringing another animation, writing, and and directing talent to the table. In July, the company's headquarters were moved from Tuscaloosa, Alabama to Atlanta, Georgia. EVery THAC member hAs since moved there except for Joseph, who had planned to move when he finished schooling, but before that could occur, he had left THAC, along with Tim.


THAC's formal introduction to content creation was its breakout series Marble Hornets, started in June 2009 after Victor Surge of Something Awful created the Slender Man. Since then, more shows have been introduced.

The following is a list of shows produced by THAC:

BNWYDSE: The Official THAC Posdcast

Main Article: BNWYDSE: The Official THAC Posdcast

On January 21, 2014, THAC's official podcast was launched. A new episode is scheduled to air every other Tuesday. BNWYDSE is hosted by Tim Sutton.


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