James Troy Wagner (born May 17th) is a co-founder of the entertainment production company THAC, alongside Joseph Delage, Tim Sutton, and newcomer Noah Scammon. His name is included in the official name of the channel, troyhasacamera, as it was once his personal youtube channel. In their series Marble Hornets, he plays Jay Merrick. On the THAC channel, he stars in numerous shorts and in his own series, Nature Break, where he plays Craig Digsby, a connoisseur of all things outdoors. He also takes part in the D&D roleplaying series, We're On A Quest!, roleplaying as Mooney Crabwaters, a halfing rogue.

Outside of THAC, he is a father to Callie and husband to Alyssa. He has known Joseph since the sixth grade and in high school, he was known by his peers as "Hotdog".

He is featured in the following videos on the THAC channel:

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