Very Bad Fanfiction is a series of Sonic the Hedgehog fanfiction readings, drunkenly narrated by Joseph DeLage and animated by Troy Wagner and Noah Scammon.

List of Episodes

The following is a chronological list of episodes.

# Title Description Release Date
1 Very Bad Fanfiction presents: Happy Birthday Shadow (part 1) It's Shadow's birthday? But does he care?

A special kind-of-drunk reading of this classic tale.

Your presenters:
Joseph Delage- Narrator, Shadow
Troy Wagner- E-123 Omega
Alyssa Morrison- Rouge
Ellis Pinckard- Other stuff

Original fanfiction:

2 Very Bad Fanfiction: #940.111 DELETED SCENE ERROR [invalid] port #ar-K138

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[come join us]

3 Very Bad Fanfiction presents: Happy Birthday Shadow (part 2) At long last, the beautiful epic gets its rightful closure 2/29/12
4 Very Bad Fanfiction: #983.002a DELETED SCENE -WARNING

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-we see you

5 SHAD'S BIRTHDAY JAM - THACTV This is what happens when we have a birthday wish in our hearts and a drawing tablet..."Happy Birthday Shads!" -Noah


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